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Program Used: Flash CS3
FPS: 15
Frames: 4354
Scenes: 100+
Duration: 5:00+


This project all started with an idea I had during summer vacation. I had an idea that I want to make a sad movie and see if I can get the audience to care about the characters. So with my trusty flash cs3 by my side I began working on Growth. I first did some character design in my school notebook. At first the girl was suppose to be a small fairy, just a little bigger than your hand, however if I went in that direction I would be very limited in character interaction. So I decided to make her as big as the main character, that way they can interact much easier than if she were tiny. I had some hard time during the making of this movie which caused it to go on hiatus, but soon after I realize I must finish my vision and worked hard to get the movie completed. Here I am one summer later and my vision is finally completed.

I'm a fan of the classic frame by frame style so I try to incorporate it as much as possible. Tweening is also useful though I just much prefer the look of frame by frame. Trying to sync up actions with music is a strong point of my animations and I think I did pretty good on this movie.


There are many things that influence my movie over the year. A big one is "Rain Town" an original animation by students at the Kyoto Seika University. It was both emotional and soothing and highly recommended. I can strongly say that the first half of Growth was animated in Rain Town's style. A lot of far shots and full bodies as oppose to closeups. The later half of Growth would be influence by a movie called "Hotaru no Mori e" I even used one of it's track because it such's a powerful anime movie that can cause manly tears to fall. During the second half of the production I was also playing Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in my spare time. Which caused me to do some shots of the characters helping each others over obstacles and a colossus shrine being in the background.

-Plot Explained-

If you read the description pretty much have the whole plot right there. If you're wondering why the girl died it's because magical creatures cannot survive outside the protective barrier of the forest. But according to legends any creature from the forest who dies gets to reincarnated as a human.


Well that's all the information I have about the movie, If you read through this whole diary I thank you and hope you enjoyed the movie.

Growth Development Diary

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